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So i've decided to use analog servos in my latest application although I can't control that many analog outputs with the arduino and I cannot find an IC that is similar to the TLC5940 but for analog. 

What would I be able to do in terms of digital to analog signal conversion?  Are there any IC's that handle that?  How would I control it?
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Maybe you should back up a step and tell us:

1) What servos you are using (links to specs or something is useful).
2) How many of these servos you plan to control.
3) What your application for these servos are.

Without this information, we really can't recommend a "best course of action"; the solution you are attempting may be the solution needed, or you might be solving a problem that doesn't really exist. Answering the items above will help us help you.
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Maybe  74HC4067, 16 analogue channels ? Or others smaller like the 74HC4051 (8 channels), etc
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In terms of use, analogue and digital servos are the same, the difference is internal to the servo. They can both be controlled by the servo library, using digital pins.




so I can buy analog servos and control them using digital ICS and such?!?
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You are a 100% sure?
I would love you long time if this is true!
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Did you read the link I posted? http://www.rchelicopterfun.com/rc-servos.html

It does depend on what you mean by 'digital ICS and such', but servos are controlled as explained in the link. There is no analogue component to the control signal.


Yea I read it, I just wanted to hear it again :)

By the ICs, I mean the TLC5940
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