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I have an ebay iPad knock off that I got last year just to see if they were any good, turns out you get 1/2 of what u pay for, although all the tid bits you can get out of one of these may well be worth the money if you are willing to figure out somethings.

However I've since bought an actuall eeepad, and I'm wanting to use the knock off for sya a variety of projects that could benefit from have a Nice 10.1" LCD touch screen, how ever the simple act of say connecting an arduino to one of these say through an FTD232 chip or an Atmega32u as a USB to serial converter won't work since at least mine and most others us Android 2.2 which doesn't support host mode USB, so that leaves the Ethernet port (yes It has an RJ-45 port on it..looks awkward as heck) or one of the 2 micro Sd card slots, prefrably I'd like to avoid having to buy an ethernet sheild to use either the very unrealiable wifi or the rj-45 port, which got me thinking would it be possible to breakout one of the sd card ports with some wires and have it be a spi port to be able to talk to an arduino or any uC or spi to XXXX chip, aside from having to figure out the Android coding for spi/SD card communications?

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