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I am not a hardware expert. I am in the normal mode of Uno. (No sleep or power saver mode). I want to know if it consumes the same amount of power if i use 50% RAM or 100% RAM? does it matter how computationally intensive my code is ?



Neither make any difference, even if your code is doing "nothing" it still runs one instruction every 65nS.

You can however reduce power in other ways if it's important to do so.

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Read and writing RAM continuously may use slightly more power than running a loop that does no RAM reads/writes, however I expect the difference would be small.
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Also its not just the microcontroller that takes current - the 8u2 that interfaces USB to serial is also consuming significant power.

If you want to really optimize the power consumption you'll need a board without the USB/serial interface built-in.

The microcontroller power consumption is proportional to clock frequency (all else being equal),  and increases with supply voltage, so that the 8MHz 3.3V Pro Mini consumes about 5mA compared to the Duemilanova's 25mA (where the clock is 16MHz, voltage 5V and there is a FDTI serial chip).
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