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I am trying to code a 160x128 display for a golf cart that will show speed, trip distance, and battery charge level.

This is a very rough (done in paint) example of what i am trying to display to the golf cart driver.

I would like to know the feasibility of making a custom character library of digits as big as the ones shown in the '20.'  I am starting to doubt if i can do it because it seems like the library needed to make custom numbers this big would fill up the entire space needed for the sketch.  Please understand that i make this claim out of slight ignorance.  I have not coded an arduino, as of yet, but I have done a lot of research and looked at some libraries to code the T6963C controller included on the LCD.

This is for a course project at my university.  I have almost completed my BS in Electrical Engineering, so i have experience in coding C and assembly.

Any help would be much appreciated

Display Link

EDIT: Forgot to include that i will be using an Arduino 2650


Use program memory for your array, then it will not fill all the memory.

Also in place of using one bit per pixel you could compress the data in some way like run time encoding.
This is simpler than it sounds, you have pairs of numbers one defines the number of blank pixels followed by the number of set pixels.


Thanks mike, I'll try to see if i can i can do it.  Could you clarify on the run time encoding, or pass on a tutorial if possible.


Just lookup how gif files are encoded, it is the same thing.

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