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Coding Badly

Try this...

• Start the Arduino IDE

• Load or create an empty sketch...
Code: [Select]
void setup( void ) { } void loop( void ) { }

• Connect the board to the computer

• Hold the RESET button

• Click Upload

• At the moment Uploading is displayed, release the RESET button

• If at first you don't succeed, try try again  (try it a few times)


I am having the SAME issue onthesamehardware, although I have noled functionality.  Mega R3.  I blamed me though, and that i had ruined the hardware somehow.  i base that theory on the 500 ma draw, and the fact the atmega chip was getting warm.  could you verify that your chip is not getting warm?  I think my issue is different, but if yours is hot too, maybe its less my fault.

i am running arduino IDE 1.0 on an ubuntu machine, been running the 1204 pre for some time.


I blamed me though, and that i had ruined the hardware somehow.

You can ruin the hardware by doing things like having an input button wired to a pin and ground, setting that pin to an output and high, then pushing the button. That puts a short circuit on the output pin and will cause overheating. But once the hardware is removed it should not get hot. If it gets hot with nothing attached then you have blown the chip by doing something like putting 12V on the +5V pin or something similar.


I fixed the problem by reading the bootloader from a working arduino, and uploading it to the non-functional ones with an AVRISP mkII. As for the the sketch that was causing the problem, I believe it was from dereferencing a null pointer, which was being interpreted as the address of an array. I still find it strange that I was able to write to the bootloader at runtime.


The processor physically can not change a program memory location unless it is running from the boot loader partition of the memory. The only thing I can think could have happened is that you some how jumped into the bootloader code at a some point and that the normal bootloader did the damage.
As I said code running insider the normal space can not write to program memory.

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