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Does anybody have any good resources on op amps?
I can't find any good resource
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What do you want to learn?

If you want to see a bunch of sample applications/circuits, the "famous" AN 31 is a great place to start.

If you want to make filters, there's the famous Active Filter Cookbook, but that's an old pre-Intenet book and I assume that you can now find the formulas (to calculate the resistor & capactor values) online.

If you just want to learn the basics of "how they work", I don't know of a handy reference...  I'm sure I've got a textbook on my bookshelf, but that should be available online too...


I was more so looking at gain and the mathematics behind op-amps.
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As usual I will refer people to "The Art of Electronics" as a great book to learn practical electronics from - this covers opamps pretty well (possibly a little light on the theory, but the intuition is great).
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Alright thanks a lot guys!
I'll check both of those out.
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