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Hello everyone,
I get the impression I must not be the first to ask this, but my google skills apparently can't find the right things to type to get what I need. All the examples I find are either complete gibberish or plain don't work. I feel like a complete nooby.

For a home project I'm working on, I need to have a relatively simple "listener" process that just sits there and waits for the arduino to say something. When it does, it gathers the chatter until it gets a linefeed. Once that happens, it takes that input and forks an external process with said chatter as a parameter and goes back to listening.

My preference would be for something in C, as I already know it. I've done a simple one in BASH, but I had to resort to some rather weird hacks to get it to work at least half fight, plus it keeps hanging for no reason.



Here you go
I'm currently working on the same thing.



By the way I'm getting a bit distorted readouts  with this code, would you mail me if you figure out how to fix that?

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