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Author Topic: UDP Multicast - IGMP packet format  (Read 2021 times)
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I am working with the standard Ethernet library (Wiznet chip) to create a UDP multicast receiver.

When the thing connects it needs to send an IGMP packet to connect to the appropriate multicast socket. This causes the packets to be routed correctly.

I see a call for sending this packet in socket.h but have not found the code to construct the packet that needs to be sent.

  uint16_t igmpsend(SOCKET s, const uint8_t * buf, uint16_t len) ()

Clearly I could go to the RFC and write the code from scratch but would hate to re-invent the wheel.  Has anyone done this?

Thx Paul

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have you checked the old forum?

I recall it is mentioned several times, e.g. - - (multicast enable bit)

You might need to search for UPnP too as it seems to use related code patterns.


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