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Rugged Circuits is pleased to announce the new Rugged Audio Shield for Arduino

Features include:

  • 3.5mm stereo jacks for Line In, Mic In, Headphone Out

  • socket for microSD cards

  • shield has BUILT-IN FAT filesystem drivers! No drivers needed in your Arduino code!

  • supports WAV file playback from microSD card, WAV file recording to microSD card, real-time streaming from Arduino, pass through from Line In/Mic In to Headphone Out, or "Karaoke Mode": mix Line In+Mic In to Headphone Out

  • Open source Arduino Library with example sketches

  • Built-in Mic In microphone amplifier with 25X gain and software selectable additional 1X, 2X, 4X, or 8X gain

  • Software selectable 1X, 2X, 4X, or 8X gain on Line In

  • Software controlled volume control on Headphone Out

  • Undedicated analog potentiometer on pin A3

  • Uses only SPI pins and D8 for slave select -- cuttable-jumpers make it easy to rewire to other pins

  • Compatible with Arduino Uno/Duemilanove, Ruggeduino, Mega/Mega2560 and all compatible boards, including 5V/3.3V boards

  • 12-bit audio input/output resolution, with dedicated Atmel ATxmega32A4 processor to handle all audio and microSD card functions

  • ATxmega32A4 is reprogrammable: just put a PROGRAM.BIN file on the microSD card, reset the shield, and the shield reprograms itself using a built-in bootloader

  • Fully assembled -- not a kit!

Check out the product page for more information, or purchase from our on-line store.


Rugged indeed ;)

12-bit audio input/output resolution,

Can I use that as a 12 bit ADC? e.g. and do some FFT or a more accurate read of some thermistor / sensor ...

Idem output as DAC?

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Not really, it was designed for audio inputs so there are DC blocking capacitors that filter out DC offsets.

Same for the DAC: DC blocking capacitors prevent steady state values from persisting.

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If there was a way to do a little text-to-speech, even just for numbers and etc. this could be very attractive for home automation, automated machinery etc.. Weather station?

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For a limited vocabulary it's certainly easy enough to store pre-recorded words on the microSD card and just play them back in sequence as necessary:

Code: [Select]
RAS.PlayWAV("EIGHT.WAV"); RAS.WaitForIdle();
RAS.PlayWAV("SIX.WAV"); RAS.WaitForIdle();
RAS.PlayWAV("SEVEN.WAV"); RAS.WaitForIdle();
// etc.

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