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I will push the vendor to give me the datasheet.....


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From the company they said: "the encoder output is push pull"....

Ok, and at what voltage levels do the A, B, and Z output signals operate at? Unless you can get a copy of the complete datasheet I think we will be playing this answer/question/answer/question game for longer then either of us can handle. Between the complete exact model number printed on your device and it's datasheet, it is all so simple, but without, not so simple. If the output signals are switching from 0 to +24vdc you will have to wire two series resistor voltage dividers for each signal you want to use, A, B, Z, so that the signals will swing from 0 to +5vdc that arduino input pins can handle. After that it's just another quad encoder to deal with in software.


Hi, finally I received the datasheet. The encoder output is pushpull, the electrical spec...second column for my encoder. Check the attached file please.

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