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I'm looking to use a push button to bank up/down through 4 different states.

Basically I'd like to control outputs that are latched on until the next state in the following order:

Bank Up (the four different states):
-P1 High
-P1, P2 High
-P2 High
-All pins Low

Bank Down:
-The reverse of Bank Up

I'd like to make the program so I can bank up or down at any point in the program. Any ideas how to implement this?


Have you tried to make ur own script, or do you want us to make one for you?

However, do you want it to loop through the 4 states over and over again?
And from
-P1 high, P2 high
-P2 high
Does the P1 go low?


If there's a good similar example in the examples that would have similar tools, I'd appreciate the tip towards which example to view.

I'm guessing I'd need some sort of latching? Not sure there.

As far as looping through the 4 states, I'd like it to advance through my sequence and also be able to reverse through the sequence depending on if the up or down switch is pressed.

I'm experimenting with manually (but electronically via push buttons) shifting an automatic.


Anyone, I'm an electronics guy but a coding Newb. Love direction toward any stock arduino examples that would be related or could help point me in the right direction.


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