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Is it viable to stack 2 shields on the Arduino Mega? Im looking at needing some motor shields, and being really any first robotics I have done, would this really be a good option or is there a better option? I need to drive at least a minimum of 4 DC motors, and that seems like an easy solution, but I have been out of the electronic mix for a bit, so Im not looking to destroy something before It starts working, lol.



Stacking shields is OK as long as metal parts of the middle do not touch "wires" of the top one (e.g. the ethernetshield is famous of creating shorts as it has a high connector.

Furthermore pins may be used by both shield, for some that is no problem e.g. I2C bus, for others it might cause a conflict.

shieldlist.org mentions a lot of shields and their connections.

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If you are stacking high-power shields like motor controllers consider adding a small fan to blow through the gaps between the shields for cooling.
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