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Hi, Is it feasible to build a 1-wire MicroLAN to replace the wiring loom for an old motorcycle? Initially, I was thinking a wireless system where activating any of the triggers (brake pedal, etc) would broadcast a signal that the relevant lights would detect and respond to. Apparently wireless doesn't give the confidence that a standard wire loom does - don't see why not but agreed to avoid a lose-lose argument. I read about the 1-wire system and Tom from Sheepdog Software suggested an Arduino computer was the way to start and to run the idea around the forum to see what thoughts were out there. I'm testing the water before diving in... the mechanic from the bike wreckers where I got the bike from said that loom is still in good shape so I should just use it and not over-complicate things... initially I say 'buh!' to him... depending on comments here though, I might have to go the easy way...



What do you exactly want to control and monitor? An arduino can do it all basically but you will still need wires from the main control location to all the outputs and inputs, unless you had a reason to have a microcontroller at every output/input and communicated over a 1wire type bus
at probably >5$ per location to make it "smart" it might get expensive , and you would need power, gnd and data at every location

So my suggestion would be that it'd be cool and work well to use an arduino as a brain, but to wire it normal to either the. Existing wiring harness or run your own wires


That's an interesting project. We converted an old pickup to an electric car, and replaced the wiring harness with a network-type setup. We use a Teensy (not an official Arduino, but like one) at each "corner," and connect the lights, horn and other accessories through a 4-relay board that is switched by the Teensy. It works well, replacing a complicated and heavy wiring harness with a simple network.

On a motorcycle, it might not work as well. Especially if you have all the wiring for the gasoline engine as well. You probably would not get the simplicity we can get, and since the distances are shorter on a motorcycle, the cost-benefit ration may not be in your favor.

Certainly it would take some effort. But it could be done, and you would learn a lot if nothing else. Whether you want to do it or not, only you can decide.


Well, let's consider this..  to make a turn signal flash the old way, you need a central relay or thermal blinker, and +12 and Gnd wire (unless the bike is Gnd) to the light.

To do it via network, you need +12 and Gnd, a data wire, a central brain (with a robust PSU to convert the pulsed 12v to steady +5), and a receiver (with another PSU), plus a relay in the light fixture, or near it, so you can control it with low voltage.

So, it would certainly not be easier or cleaner.  Cooler, maybe, but don't fool yourself if you just want a project.  However -- please consider the safety aspect of having signaling systems controlled by a computer.  Make darn sure that thing is reliable before you go out on the road.  I know, it's just lights, not brakes or transmission or anything, but as a fellow biker and hacker, just be careful out there, k?

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