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We have 50+ students with Arduinos at our university, and each one has a couple of boards...there are a lot lying around. Each one has a name written on it somewhere, but all in different places, in scrawly pen. It really makes the shiny new boards look pretty scruffy.

Could Arduinos come with a nice white "My name is..." space?
(It would also mean that people could name their boards according to the project they relate to, or just give them pet names...)
It would only have to be a white rectangle somwehere on the board, but it would make it a uniform way to label boards.

Just a thought!



I like this idea  8)
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How about a small cable tie to a luggage tag size piece of plastic?
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It's a nice idea if there is room for such silkscreen; in the meantime, use a thin strip sticker or something, and put it on the ATMega.
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use a thin strip sticker or something

A label-maker would work well and be a lot neater than handwriting. 

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