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So what's a good site to go to for arduino help. preferably a site with out so many rules on how stuff should be posted etc. just looking for help


This one!

preferably a site with out so many rules on how stuff should be posted

Are, well if you are going to be like that and not want to play by the rules then go to AVR freaks.


Thanks buddy appreciate quick response just not a fan of people complaining on how i posted something anyways rules are rules i'll check out avrfreaks

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Oh, @Grumpy_Mike, you're such a stinker#.

#  As defined by Monica Sloan rather than Merriam-Webster: I find the completeness of this definition "painfully" lacking. I have spoken to many friends and none of us would use the word "stinker" to be offensive, rather to tease; but I do not find that sense in this Merriam-Webster entry for the word "stinker".


There are really good reasons we like people to post things in a particular way.
Good luck over at AVRfreaks.
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a site with out so many rules on how stuff should be posted etc.

Rules? All we ask is that information is present in an understandable format with schematics, code, links to data sheets etc as appropriate. And explanations of unusual terms and acronyms. For example

When I plug my Gizomo123 into the port on my stand alone Arduino and send a GETDATA frame it doesn't work.

What is a Gizmo123? What Arduino port? What is the circuit of the stand-alone Arduino? What is a GETDATA frame? What does "doesn't work" mean?

Yes we could probably Google Gizmo123 to find out what it is and people often do that, but they shouldn't have to. Few people have time to look up this information.

So if someone needs help with a problem I suppose that someone should conform to these "rules", there are plenty of people here willing to help but at the end of the day it's not our problem and if something is too hard we'll move on to the next post.

I can't see this being any different anywhere else, people will still need the same information.

As for AVRfreaks, good luck over there if this forum doesn't work for you.

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