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i'm working with a qt110 chip.

so, when i try to read it just normal with the analog input tutorial, everything is fine. i check out the serial monitor, and i see the right values rollin. 1024 if no touch, 0 when i touch it.

but as i built it into my program, i never get a clear value. and the value, that it reads changes very oftly. here my reading function:

[font=Courier]void position(){
 int links;
 int rechts;
 links = analogRead(linkerPin);
 rechts = analogRead(rechterPin);
 if(links < 500){
   if(positionValue < 64){
     int neuePos = positionValue << 1;
     positionValue = neuePos;

 if(rechts < 500){
   if(positionValue > 1){
     int neuePos = positionValue >> 1;
     positionValue = neuePos;[/font]

how can it be? is there something in general i have forgotten? any suggestions?

thanks for any reply

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