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For the most part I am too impatient to wait for things to swim to the USA from China, so I will buy locally unless it's just an impulse buy for something that I really do not need.  If I am buying for a project that MUST WORK, I will buy domestically if at all possible.

Liudr - there is NO COMPETITION for your shields in my opinion.  You provide that "value added" that more than makes up for the price.


Beginners guide to using the Seeedstudio SIM900 GPRS/GSM Shield



Thanks for cheering me up. I'll make some time this summer to redesign it for a third version.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


update on mine ... its USB is still dead, I cant get avrdude to lock onto it, but I have to poke at it some more, meanwhile dude wont do anything but refund it when it gets back to him, then I can get another.

I offered to take a 25% refund on the board I had now instead of wasting more money mailing this thing back and waiting another 16 days for a refund, than another 16 while it slowboats back here, the response was that I would get the 25% refund on a board after I sent this one back and re-ordered it.

SO either I spend my time fixing it cause some pud didnt bother to see if it worked before shipping it, OR I end up paying the same amount as I would have buying the real deal at effin radio shack, and waiting over a month for the privilege.

Its a nice board, Mr Wong seems like a reasonable guy, but thats it, I am never buying anything that comes from abroad again, its just too much hassle.

(if that makes you feel any better liudr)


I will definitely be looking for your third version.


Well, that doesn't make me feel good though. My ebay experience has always been mixed. This last time I ordered some 7-segment LED displays and ended up with some random items. Hope the new shipment has the right items. Seller didn't ask me to ship back. I bet the random item is not much value to the seller with like 100K reviews. Somebody (was that me or some other member) a while back started a thread about ebay sellers, who to buy from and who to avoid. This seller you have dealt with definitely belongs to the mixed feeling bucket (did cr0sh buy from the same seller?).
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


(did cr0sh buy from the same seller?)

yes, I used his link

on a positive note I found the problem, bad crystal on the U2, popped off the smd part, and with a little wirewrap magic attached a though hole known to be good crystal and bam, I can pick it up with avrdude, and when I plug it in it shows up as /dev/USBACM0 just like it should

a couple evenings dicking around is so much better than waiting another 32 days round trip for a 1 cent part Ill toss on my next parts order from digikey/mouser

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