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I'm attempting to make a one external reset button that will reset two Arduino Megas (master/slave setup) that are connected via I2C.

I'm using an illuminated arcade button.

It has three pins: com, normal open, normal closed.

I'm going to connect the com pin to ground and the normal open pin to the reset pin of the Master Arduino.

Will this setup reset both boards or will it only reset the Master board? Do I need to connect the reset pin of the Slave Arduino to the normal open pin on the switch? My goal is to reset BOTH board in the setup when you press the button.


You need to connect the normally-open pin of the switch to both Arduinos to reset them both.

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@Rugged Circuits

I checked out the shield.  It seemed like there were alot of components and I understand that audio codecs need them but i couldn't really find one on that board.  Wasnt that chip a microcontroller? 

Is there a chance tat you will be coming out with a new version with that shield soon that has less clutter?
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The audio processing is done on the microcontroller, since it has both A/D's and D/A's.

We like clutter on boards...all components should have friends nearby so they don't get lonely.

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I would diode isolate the two boards.  Pulling the reset pin to 0.6v should reset the processers.

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