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Hello to all,

This is my first post and I searched internet for a while, however I couldnt find a good solution. I am an Arduino enthusiast and making some amateur projects. I made basic digital termometers with LCD some automations for home etc, and my last project was obstacle avoiding robot with two dc motor and l298n motor driver. In the beginning everything went well but at last, I realized something, I couldnt power up my arduino with an external power supply, even with standart power plug and also I carefully tried to power with Vin and Gnd connections with jumper cables.

When I am using USB cable connected to pc, there is no problem with it. It is working well according to sketch i already wrote, however when I want to use external power, when plug battery for half second arduino's light on and then off, I calculated voltage between 5V and ground while 9v batery plugged, when lights are on it is around 5,1 and when lights are off it is around 1,44 v.

I am really wondering about what to do and what is my problem. I will be waiting for your valuable replies.

Best Regards...


Millions of people are visiting this forum and there is no reply. Thanks to everybody.

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