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In 'sendByte' function, when the it calculates the checksum it has to be:
"checksum = 0xff - (checksum & 0xff);"

But communication still fails!



has anyone found a solution to this problem?


I have the same problem....

I have 2 Xbee PRO S2B configured with API firmware (one is Coordinator and the other is Router) as shown here: http://code.google.com/p/xbee-api/wiki/XBeeConfiguration

I must to do the following communication Arduino-> XBee COORDINATOR -> Xbee ROUTER -> PC (java)
To do this, I have the Xbee COORDINATOR connected to an Arduino One using the Xbee Explorer Regulated. In the arduino I put the following program: http://code.google.com/p/xbee-arduino/source/browse/trunk/examples/Series2_Tx/Series2_Tx.pde (changing the destination address of my Xbee ROUTER ). The LED blinks when arduino sends and twice when no response so everything seems to be working properly. Tx Led in Xbee Explorer Regulated also blink at the same time.

In the destination, I have connected the Xbee ROUTER to a PC using the Xbee Usb Explorer. On the PC I have running the following Java application (ZNetReceiverExample.java of Xbee-API rapplogic).
But nothing happens at the receiver (PC). The java application receives nothing :(
I tried to reset everything but nothing happens...

At the receiver (PC) I tried to read directly from the serial port with Hyperterminal or X-CTU [Arduino->XBee COORDINATOR->Xbee ROUTER->PC(Hyperterminal)] to know if the problem was the Java application, but neither happens, I dont receive anything from the serial port. 

To try other things, I tried to establish communication in the other direction, using PC as sender instead an Arduino One: PC (java)->XBee COORDINATOR->Xbee ROUTER->PC (Hyperterminal)

Now, I connected the Xbee COORDINATOR to the PC using another Xbee Usb Explorer. On the PC I have the following java application (ZNetSenderExample.java Xbee-API rapplogic)http://code.google.com/p/xbee-api/source/browse/trunk/src/com/rapplogic/xbee/examples/zigbee/ZNetSenderExample.java?r=253

In the destination, I have connected the Xbee ROUTER to a PC using the Xbee Usb Explorer. I tried to read directly from the serial port with Hyperterminal and IT WORKS!
I receive a lot of strange characters and in the middle the word: "Xbee" that is the payload send at the source.


So it seems that when I have the following configuration [Arduino-> XBee COORDINATOR -> Xbee ROUTER -> PC (java)], the Arduino One is not sending anything and the problem is Arduino????

Someone could help me????



Found a solution!

I was having the same problem as Fouad and receiving a frame almost identical to "7E 00 0F 10 01 00 7D 33 A2 00 40 7D 5E 70 39 FF FE"

Turns out that I needed to disable escaping characters on the commander xbee. (Set AP to 1)

Now I receive the frame with the proper addressing.

Let I hope this helps


Hi,  i have been working with xbee s2 the past few weeks with AT mode and i manage to have them communicate. Now am trying to do the same but in API mode using the xbee-api library. but no luck. the transmitter works fine but the receiver is not working. . any answers thanks :)


Turns out that I needed to disable escaping characters on the commander xbee. (Set AP to 1)

Right. API MODE is one of the things that should be double-checked when troubleshooting XBee API communication.
www.handsonwsn.org --  Hands On Wireless Sensor Networks with Arduino and XBee



i have use 2 xbee device and coordinator in API mode and router in AT mode when i communication using XCTU terminal then it work fine, but when i connect XBee coordinator to hyper terminal then i send same frame to router which is generated by XCTU frame maker but it can received by router. IF any of the changes are in API frame??

Please anyone can give me solution of my problem.... 



I am working on the project, where i am designing a simple star network using arduino and Xbee S2 boards in API mode.
My project should do below things,

(1) The base station broadcast the message to all the receivers. At base station I should send the text message from what ever I type from my keyboard in arduino serial text monitor.
(2) At the receivers end I should reply to the base station in the same manner.

The main thing is I don't want send predefined message from the code. I should type the text message and then it should send and display on arduino serial monitor at the receiver end.

For now if someone can help me with the transmitter and receiver code to achieve above requirements, would be great.

Its urgent!!!

Thank you.....

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