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Hi there,

I'm currently experimenting with Arduino Parallax RFID and Unity, and I'm hoping to get the reading from the RFID tag to control the camera or character in Unity (e.g. tag 123 = forward, tag 321 = backward, tag 231 = jump).

So far I've managed to get the RFID to input into Unity using C# to talk to Arduino then JavaScript to print the number using GUIText but I'm now stuck and I wondered if anyone could help with this or has experience getting Arduino and Unity to talk to each other?

(TL;DR - Trying to make RFID input (or GUIText) control Character in Unity)



It might be useful if you told us what Unity is? It's not your cat, is it?
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Haha no, it's a 3D game engine :)


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