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It really does have fantastic potential.  I don't understand why Arduino proper hasn't picked it up for an official board.  I see it as more applicable than the Mega in many cases, and certainly easier to use in DIP format.  For all you get (RAM, raw I/O, various dedicated hardware serial I/O, flash space), it's dirt cheap, too.

+1 for that...  :D RAM + no. of I/O is what attracted me to it... still now couldnt get it to make it work smoothly though... :(


I've been saying for ages that the 1284 is a natural for an Arduino and of course a few people are using them (or the 644). I've got a design on the drawing board at present that uses one.


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Yes indeed, the 1284 makes a fine board!
(PL shows MIKROE589, list has been updated for the correct MIKROE483 with FT232 chip, waiting on ISP to refresh the website)

some new pics being added too ...
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"@crossroads which bootloader are u currently using?"

This one, which I think is what sets up with the maniacbug cores.


Thanx :)
Tried it out... Still getting not in sync errors... :(

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