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I am searching for a small e-paper for a low power project. I came across the EA EPA20-A (https://shop.lcd-module.de/catalogsearch/result/?q=EPA20-A). That would be the perfect size for me. Unfortunately, the display seems not to work "out of the box". I dived shortly into the docu and it seems that I would need to assemble a whole shield.

I also found this: http://www.smart-prototyping.com/E-ink-E-paper-Display-module-3.3V-2.04-inch-177x72.html

This seems easier to start with. I bought one on ebay, but this takes time from china...

Do you have any better ideas? I am looking for products available in europe and some software support for Arduino.


I played with several e-Paper displays from GoodDisplay (China). So far I have posted a display class for one of them. The other classes are waiting to be cleaned up.

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