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Here it is 100% legal to download and watch movies and listen to music

As it is in most jurisdictions, as long as you make adequate recompense to the owner of the work.
Apple have been running such a service for years.
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As it is in most jurisdictions, as long as you make adequate recompense to the owner of the work.
Apple have been running such a service for years.
Nope, 100% free of charge

lol wrong link again... sharing files isn't allowed... just downloading and for personal use


Article 23.
1. It shall be permitted to use free of charge the work, which has been already disseminated for purposes of private use without the permission of the author. This provision does not authorize to build constructions according to other authors' works in the field of architecture and architecture and town planning, and to use the electronic databases constituting works unless this refers to one's own use for scientific purposes, which is not related to any profit-gaining activity.
2. The scope of the private use shall cover the use of single copies of the work by a group of persons staying in a personal interrelation with each other, including in particular blood relation, kinship or a social relationship.

So is piracy stealing ? well.. it is for you but not for me  8)

Laws are just... laws - set of rules written down by some people who are often lobbied by some pressure groups.

No offence but I think some of your laws are ridiculous and outdated - which essentially makes people lose respect for the law in general... like copyright laws or age of consent set at 18 - 'YAY! let's jail 92% of total population'


When I refer to "piracy" in this post, I mean not-for-profit piracy (people downloading/uploading copyrighted works). For-profit piracy is something entirely different, and there are very clear laws against it in pretty much every first-world nation.

I don't condone piracy, but I believe the response from rights holders is often worse. We have people getting raided by SWAT teams because their users may have uploaded a song. Nations around the world are passing laws that essentially give the music and movie industry the ability to shut down anyone they want, without cause. Those same organizations are refusing to allow low-cost digital distribution methods in piracy havens like India and China, because they are afraid the content will be pirated (great logic there...). They have created a situation where the average person knows they are doing wrong, but they are hurting an evil corporation (that shoots dogs and arrests grandmothers).

Piracy is a response to a new medium. Rights holders still think they are living in a time where they have total control over distribution, in a world where their product is infinitely copy-able, at no cost. We need a new business model, and crappy DRM is not the answer (no DRM survives contact with the user?). The best example of this that I have seen is Steam. Its a nice, non-invasive DRM system for video games that offers many useful features.

Basically, the solution isn't to try to arrest every pirate. Instead, try to give people a reason to purchase your software. Piracy can never be stopped.

Also, to those of you that are very anti-piracy: Ever used a VCR?
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Also, to those of you that are very anti-piracy: Ever used a VCR?

Yes, I did. Your point is?


Any other argument that says the rightful owner should be ripped off  doesnt make sense.

Yes, but the other side of the coin is, the rightful purchaser being ripped off.

For example, I bought Diablo 3 yesterday. Paid full price. Have an official box and everything. Even posted a photo of the mascot I got with it. But because of the DRM I can't play it. It took an hour of "server busy" before I could "connect" ... to a server for a single-player game. Then after playing for a while I get random "disconnected from server" during gameplay. But I shouldn't need a server. One quest I tried 5 times and every time got disconnected at the completion, and thrown back to where I was before. Another quest I just can't complete.

This is the consumer being ripped off, not the owner of the digital "rights". But what do they care? I've paid for it. The money's in the bank.

The notion that the owner of the copyright is "in the right" and the purchaser is "guilty until proven innocent" violates various principles of law that we have fought for 1000 years to establish.

You are not being ripped off... for a multitude of reasons.  The biggest is that the software was provided to you 'as is' without any warranty, ie. caveat emptor, and yet you chose to purchase it.  The second reason is that the software has a license agreement, which provides all the details of the terms of the agreement...  Which can be read prior to purchase.

That agreement limits your 'rights' to only what is specified in the agreement.

As to the comments, about content producers being ripped off by the publishers...  Again, no one forces you into those relationships.  Publish/distribute your own content if you want to avoid such rip-offs.

As to piracy, people (all people) will steal, cheat, lie...  It sucks, but we still do it...  We just don't like when others do it to us...
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