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Nick Gammon

So Nick, once you can log on, tell us something about the game. I'm mainly interested in the business model.

Do they do in-game purchase like apple's in-app purchase? Say you want a big ax, instead of beating 10,000 minions to get gold to purchase it, you just pay $10 cold hard cash with your credit card and get it instantly. It's a "new" trend I discovered. People used to play for hours and beat Baal time after time to get that magical item with lottery luck.

They have a new idea ... a "real money" auction house. In the past people would trade in-game stuff surreptitiously (eg. through eBay) so now they built it into the game. The idea is, you find some cool hear that you personally can't use (eg. it's for a different class of character) so you auction it, either for in-game gold, or real-life cash. I *think* Blizzard takes a cut, not sure. If they do, that's their business model. <checks> ... yes they do. They charge for the listing, and they charge for the actual sale, if any.

Now in a sense that's fair, because some people have time on their hands (eg. kids) and some have money, so if you only have time it seems a bit unfair you can get good gear by playing all weekend, while people who have real jobs, can't afford to spend the time, but  may have a bit of spare cash.

Does the USB stick do anything special?

Apart from looking cool, it has a copy of Diablo II on it, and you get an unlock key in the box.


I take the point of entertainment argument. Fair enough, you pay to get entertained. This auction thing, though, is a very slippery slope. If I were Blizzard, I would create a bunch of pretense accounts, load up with unlimited random good gears and try to sell them off like a regular player is selling them. I could also be a hacker and keygen some items to sell off to get real money. It's still ok with your? ;) I think people still sell WOW or other characters off ebay. Very interesting market, just like what they say "you can buy and sell anything".

To think more dark side, a class of players called man hunters, can be created with special gears and enslave others players and auction them off as slaves or ask for ransom (curse you evil thoughts). This did happen in dark and middle ages, right? Then you pay real or virtual money to ransom your virtual character. I wonder if the police would be interested in such cases, where a teenager robs a gas station to get real money to ransom his virtual character from some man hunters. Just thoughts. I'll stop sipping ginger ale.



This poster just came for advice on how to implement a project..

A project for which he linked to an illegal PDF copy of Simon Monk's 30 Evil Genius Projects for Arduino book, which was given to him by his teacher.

Simon's a regular poster here.  I certainly hope he doesn't make his income from writing, because even teachers don't give a crap about literary copyright.  These people are taking book royalties directly out of his pocket.  Let's all hope it's not how Simon feeds his family.  How many copies has that ONE advisor given away?  How many copies of that PDF then are sent around by the students?  Why would Simon waste his time and efforts ever again, KNOWING that people with no talent of their own will steal his work, and in many cases make profit on it behind his back?

But by all means, you have a right to whatever you want, just because you want it.

Why not tell Simon yourself that his work has no value beyond how fast you can copy it?  Here's his site...

That goes to show...
Doesnt mattter what he does for a living...
Fact is he invested lots of time (which is money) and lots of money as well, im sure, to release it (unless her managed to get someone to do it for him, in which case there will be two people losing money).
So why should he be ripped off his own work, over someone elses profit( and not necessarily financial profit, as theres other ways of profiting from it) who has done nowt to deserve it ?!?.

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Louis Davis

For anyone who is interested, you might find this book interesting:

"It is common to argue that intellectual property in the form of copyright and patent is necessary for the innovation and creation of ideas and inventions such as machines, drugs, computer software, books, music, literature and movies. In fact intellectual property is a government grant of a costly and dangerous private monopoly over ideas. We show through theory and example that intellectual monopoly is not necessary for innovation and as a practical matter is damaging to growth, prosperity and liberty."



It is an ever so difficult subject... Until the law is prepared to deal with it in another manner, we should enforce the laws we have. Any other argument that says the rightful owner should be ripped off  doesnt make sense.
Maybe we should all pay an extra included in the TV licensing( where aplicable) or just pay a fixed tax for music services... Doesnt sound very nice i agree, but maybe then artists losing their money from their works will make more sense.
The thing is, the few people defend music being free dont see them interested in free music at all ( read royalties free or under commons license)...And when that happens, only established names call the crowds... Which tends to be a one off. In that sense the commons license brought a lot to us all... But only in the way of being able to promote a bit better.
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