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dude iyahdub ... chill.

you said twice "the cost of releasing" ... I know that *production* costs money. (come on - I have been part of this industry myself ... both as a musician and as an audio-engineer... [and btw. if you have truly invested more than 40k (be it $,€or £) in your studio equipment and still don't have 'good recording studio quality' then it might be about time you invested in somebody who knows how to use it :-S ... (but maybe I am just sick of people whining over how expensive equipment is... the stuff you can afford with 40k today did not even exist 10 years ago... except if you want to go fully analog, but that's a philosophy and not a tech question...)] )

in Austria and Germany, anything you produce is automatically copyrighted. I did not know that you had to pay for that in other countries. Where are you located?
What do you mean by having to need a code? You mean UPC code? Or do you mean some code for a copyright collecting agency or something?

Anyway, I am finding this conversation slightly difficult. All I did is ask what you meant by "the cost of releasing". Instead of answering the question, you say 'you need a code and that involves money' and that 'production requires A LOT OF MONEY'. I would still be interested what the actual release costs you, but maybe I just misunderstood what you meant by release.


@ Mike
The big difference is that the care is taken away from somebody, instead of copied. The thing is, with 3d printing and 3d scanning advancing at the rate that it is, the problem the music industry is facing is going to spread to other sectors as well. So simply trying to maintain the status quo of the 90ies cannot be a long term solution.

Nick Gammon

I think he has a point about the 3D printing. We are moving on from being able to copy paper, and music, to things, eg. children's toys.

I really think that the companies impacted are going to have to find a different business model. In much the same way that the makers of horse-drawn buggies did when cars became popular.

As an example, and exactly what some artists are doing, is to take commissions. So you get popular by releasing free stuff, and people see what your work is like. Then you offer a service to draw a "one-off" picture for a fee (or design a 3D thing for 3D printers). The artist gets paid, and it is in the interests of the purchaser to not give it away, if they want a unique item. And if they do give it away, well the artist has still been paid.

It's like visiting the doctor - you pay him/her a fee for his (or her) expertise. But the doctor doesn't "copyright" the treatment.


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your comment
then it might be about time you invested in somebody who knows how to use it
doesnt really sound like a nice statement but more an attack to my capabilities and even intelligence. So i will ask you why your interest in someone who can use it ?!? Would it be because you want to hire me to give technical and practica lessons ?!? Because so , im available to do so and wouldnt be the first to pay me for such thing !
I do have a fully analog based studio with a 48/24/8/2+1 mixer with a multtrack recorder with 24 multitrack channels that mix both adat and HD circuiry ! Not even gonna comment on outboard gear because as you might noticed im a dub master therefore i dub the oldschool way by fader ridding. To all that i complemented it with a 20 in/20 out channels to DAW use so that i can also rely on more detailed editing and technologies if and when suitable( be it because of the genres im asked to produce compose or just out of taste or necessity for more detailed editing or intensive sound manipulation). Not to mention the amount of instruments, cables ( only in cables i must have spent close to a grand), mics ( any entry decent mike costs around 200 quid, a generic one, then you need quite a few, both condenser and dynamics for the several sound spectrum...But of course you know all this, right ?!).
And no , its not an UPC code but more an IRSC coe required in the UK and many other countries if im not wrong !
So your insistence in implying and making empty assumptions, along with your statements like
just contradicted yourself !! Because if you had did as you say you did, then you wouldnt even need to ask that as you could specify the details yourself

So that you can have a HINT , i do work with a lot of the legendary names in  my genre, a lot of them were my idols when i was growing up; Been involved with releases all over the world, played in probably more countries than the ones you visited personally !

As to the detailed costs... I thought you knew ?!?! Didnt you just said yourself something like "SOUND ENGINEER and WORKED IN THE INDUSTRY"  ?!? Because i thought that by saying that you just proved quite the opposite !!
Unless you are the TAX MAN and come knocking at my door asking for details, ill ask you to mind your own financial issues and leave mine !!
So lets leave it at that. For info like that , id charge money for consultation fees !

Unless you make music with pots and pans,  really dont see what was your doubt, mate !!  Problem here is you actually embarrassed yourself  to anyone who knows the ins and outs by stating that you knew the industry, and claiming to be an audio engineer... And then asking silly questions, while attacking me !!

With all this said, no hard feelings. I know sometimes people's ego can be the main and only obstacle to themselves as part of a whole !! We cool !

I am just demanding the same things anyone will demand me out there regarding other things... I would be an happy man and give my music away, at cost price !! As long as they they also ask me to stop paying anything on it... Do you know that if you make an insurance for a car and you say you are a musician will go from something like 50 quid a mionth( lets say) to 200/300 a month ?!? Doesnt that count as well ?!? Just making sure we are reading from the same book !! So , at least next time talk with knowledge of cause, maybe ?!
The ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate.
- Dr. Wayne Dyer
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Nick Gammon

Stick to the topic, both of you, or I'll lock the thread.


I thought i did, and havent disrespected anyone, i think...
But ill abstain to make any more comments as i made my point anyway !!
Apologize if anyone felt i went out of line at any given point !!
Thanks Nick !!
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