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Hi all, I'm looking for bender_328 information (user mhemhe) in order to build my own pan head with Arduino. I've tried to contact the author at openrise.com (http://openrise.com/lab/bender_328/index.htm?arduino) with no success. Anyone has info or links to similar projects? Thanks. Gigi.


Are you looking for him to build it for you?  On the page, it gives the parts list including sources, the mechanical drawings, the code.... There's very little information that could be added, from what I could see.. That is one very well documented project.   I think if you want anything more, you are pretty much going to have to purchase a finished device...


I'm a newbie, both in Arduino and in electronics, so for me is very difficult to find out, for example, if the servos have to be modified to work at 360° or is not necessary, how many components are needed (and their characteristcs, in the diagrams there are some resistors and capacitors), there is an optocoupler in the list but I don't know where has to be placed on the board, also I'm not able to see how to connect the camera, how to connect the two boards togheter ... probably I'm too newbie for this project ...


Whew.  it does sound like this might be a bit much for a first project... It's not insanely complex, but coming in to it cold might be a bit much.

I am actually going to be building a panbot at some point, you can actually get away with a lot simpler and cheaper that the device shown.  The biggest item is simply that he's running two axises.  For most panning, horizontal pan is sufficient and can be done easily with a standard stepper motor or even a servo.  Working against gravity is tough, rotating a balanced load isn't.

The isolator is connected so the output serves as the switch for remote shutter release, most slrs have a 2.5mm jack.. Complete the circuit, it is the same as depressing shutter button.

The panbot is as simple as rotate, stop, release shutter, repeat.


I am also looking for the details for bender_328 but the link doesn't go anywhere?

Any pointers would be appreciated?



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