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Topic: arduinoide oscillator fusebit settings when burnimg bootloader (Read 625 times) previous topic - next topic


so i just burned the arduino bootloader on to a 168 duilvemore or whatever its called i socketed it in a rbbb 328 duilvemore clone then used the arduino ide and a bus pirate to burn the bootloader i was wondering is it should be set up to use a 16mhz oscillator and if i have to use avrdude on the command line to change the oscillator settings.

the plan is to use this 168 in a standalone motor controller board, basically the 168, an hbridge and a serial connection. im not sire wether i want to use a crystall or an 8mhz internal oscillator. this board only runs a pid loop ywo pwm channels and processes uart serial commands so a crystal may be a waste

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