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The T20VER2 might be etched onto the plastic, I cant remember. But for curiosity's sake (yours and mine) I will try (very carefully) some fingernail polish :).

If it's not an AVR what might it be??

Could it still be an AVR of sorts and just not have the Atmel logo on it? Maybe as a mass purchasing agreement with Tippmann?

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If it's not an AVR what might it be??

Atmel makes at least two other microcontroller lines and has a long line of various memory chips.

Could it still be an AVR of sorts and just not have the Atmel logo on it?

Of course.


In short...I'm in the same boat.  After purchasing the tippmann phenom x7 I was a little upset regarding the "safe" features of the firing modes.  Needless to say, I'm heading down the same path, and while this will likely end up more expensive than buy a new board (or potentially a new gun  :smiley-eek:), I'm likely to gain useful knowledge about electronics and microprocessors along the way.  That knowledge is worth the journey.

But enough about me, on to the good stuff....

I decided to dust off my old oscilloscope and probe the pins as the trigger operates.  I figured I would at least be able to spot the power and ground pins and perhaps even the trigger pin.  Here's what I discovered in my tests:

If you hold the board with the reset button and LEDs facing you (solenoid on top), the top of the chip should be on the right (there's a little etched circle in the top left of the chip to inicate "top")

Top down (Left side)
1 - VCC Power (approx 9v)
2 - 0v (Digital in/out set to LOW?)
3 - 5v (Digital in/out set to HIGH?)
4 - 5v seems to reset the board when probed (firing is canceled and LED stays solid)
5 - 5v (Digital in/out set to HIGH?)
6 - solenoid trigger (fires the gun) (+5v when firing 0v otherwise)
7 - 5v (Digital input?)  - switches to 0v when the trigger is held (but not in pulses like #6)  Is this the magnetic trigger relay?

Bottom up (right side)
8 - 0v (Digital in/out set to LOW?)
9 - 0v (Digital in/out set to LOW?)
10 - 5v (Digital in/out set to HIGH?)
11 - Green status LED
12 - Red status LED
13 - 5v (Digital out set to HIGH?)
14 - ground

I can't say for certain that this is the ATtiny20, but I can say that if someone else is able to reprogram the chip without soldering and tippmann burned a T20 into the chip face, chances are we're dealing with an ATtiny20.

Can anyone with more expertise gather any more information from the pin data I've gathered?


Also, to help with the original post:

I was also looking for a way to backup the original binary so that if all else failed I could just revert to factory settings.  I do not intend to modify the original code mostly because the best I'll be able to do is download a hex/binary dump of raw data...not source code.

In my quest, I found this link:


I couldn't find if it supported the ATtiny20, but since I don't have an in system programmer yet, I couldn't really try.  Could anyone recommend a good ISP for the ATtiny20?

I hope some of this helps.

Coding Badly

1 - VCC Power (approx 9v)

Those two are mutually exclusive...

20. Electrical Characteristics
20.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings
Maximum Operating Voltage ............................................ 6.0V

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