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That makes more sense as to what I saw on the scope.  I don't have a multimeter handy to get actual voltage measurements, but I thought it was closer to the 10 than the 5. (I'm not dealing with a very accurate device).

I grounded the oscilloscope on the positive node of the 9v power supply and probed the VCC once again and the voltage difference was negative.  So for certain it's less than 9v (quite possibly 6v).

Once I dig up my multimeter, I'll find out what VCC is exactly.

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If VCC is 5 volts then...

Top down (Left side)
1 - VCC Power (approx 9v)
4 - 5v seems to reset the board when probed (firing is canceled and LED stays solid)

Bottom up (right side)
14 - ground

...are a strong indication that it is a 14 pin Atmel processor.


Thanks!  That's good news.

Any advice on an in system programmer for the ATtiny20?

Coding Badly

The only help I can provide is negative.  If it is an ATtiny20 then the link in Reply #8 will not help.  As you can see from Google...


...this forum is probably not the best place to ask the question.


So I messages the guy on the forum that he regularly attends (figured it was a long shot but worth a try) and the only hints he gave were that he completely rewrote the software and that the model number of the cHip is printed on the chip :-/

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