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I tried to create a picture representation of my test board.  I think I got all the connections right.  :D


Whats with the green highlights on the powered rows and columns? is that a feature I missed in VBB?


I used a different program called Fritzing.  It uses highlights on the breadboard for easy reading:


I especially like the auto routing capabilities between the breadboard and Schematic modes.


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I agree.  My neighbor has an eGrip for the A5 and it didn't seem to be powered by a Atmel chip.  I wasn't able to get too close, but I would guess by the switches used to modify the firing modes, that it is not powered by a microcontroller.

It is an 8-pin something something that I'm not too familiar with.  :) It'll be a project for a time when resources are scarce I suppose.

In the Phenom board, there are three electromagnetic relays that are used to turn on the board, and sense when the trigger is pulled.  I may have been wrong in how I'm using them (it has been a burning question in my head since I started).  Out of the 3 relays, I'm utilizing 1 of them.  2 of the relays appear to be identical; they sense when the trigger is pulled.  The other relay does not appear to connect directly to the micro controller (it is used to power the board).

On the Phenom, there is a rare earth magnet in the safety switch.  When the switch is rotated to full auto, the magnet activates a relay to power on the board.  I'm not sure how an APE board is powered on for the x7.  It's possible that their board has another relay to sense the mechanical safety-switch position as well as full auto.  In other words, this may not be possible for the x7 or Phenom without modifying the hardware on the board.

There are three electromagnetic relays on the X7C board. Two are on adjacent opposite positions on both sides of where the trigger magnet is situated on a trigger pull, while one is situated on the other side of the board, outside where the magnet in the safety switch "wing" positions itself if you flip it one more step into the programmed mode (for the Phenom, where the electronics kick in).  I'm fairly confident, after bending the two mirrored relays a bit back and forth, that they are essentially giving the same information to the controller. Perhaps there is two of them because of redundancy, or polarity sensing limitations. The safety switch relay is only on one side for obvious reasons. Do you have any insight into the mechanical mode and how it is relayed?

Edit: Well now I feel stupid. Of course the mechanical mode is not relayed, that's the entire point.  :smiley-roll-blue:


I'm wondering if the two sensors are for when the gun is in response mode. To me it makes sense; pull the trigger and one/both get flipped, but while the trigger is in ge pulled position, even if for just that brief second it then senses when the second one gets flipped on th way out to trigger the solenoid?

Jus a theory, plausible theory IMO too.

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