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Hello everyone!

I am making a wireless pulse monitoring project. I am having difficulties in the detection of the sensor.
Here's the link of the code that I've copied: http://www.jamesrosko.com/2012/01/arduino-pulse-monitor.html

Here's my questions:
1. Distance from the sensors to a finger.
2. If the two sensors were across does the monitoring LED turns off?
3. What kind of sensor's should I use?
4. Is it ok to use the nellcor max-a pulse oxi clip. It has the same concept of a normal IR led and a photodiode. Link: http://www.diytrade.com/china/pd/7066705/Original_Nellcor_Disposable_Spo2_sensor.html

Really need your help guys.
Btw I'm a noob in using a arduino. Have pity on me. And time is running for my project =(.
Thanks in advance.


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The guy in the instructables is using a PIC, but he shows how to develop the signal into something usable.
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Your link didn't provide any tech info.
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Here's the full technical info of the project that I've been studying...
It's in pdf. There are many projects also in here:


At page 73 the project starts!

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