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Hello users, I know this is a little off topic, but at the end of year 11 I have been asked to construct the lights, done!

I now want means of dispersing the lights across the room and was wondering if any one knows of a place to get a real dirt cheap fog machine. I know Maplin have one for 39.99 but for my age I really need some thing cheaper. Thank you all for readin.
Trevor Boultwood


can you get your hands on some dry ice?  XD



This is the sort of thing Big Clive posts.
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I know Maplin have one for 39.99
That's GBP?

Here in the U.S. we can get them a little cheaper.  I usually see them for $40 - $50 USD.  Amazon.com has one for $30 USD.   Around Haloween, I think I've seen them for $20-$30, and on Haloween day, or the day after Haloween, they usually sell the Haloween left-overs for half-price.  I actually tried to buy a "left-over" one, last Haloween.  But, when I went to the store the day after Haloween, all of the Haloween merchandise had already been replaced by Christmas merchandise.

I've experimented with an Ultrasonic Mist Maker, but even with a medium-size mist maker, I didn't get enough fog.   I wanted to give it a try, because they are low power, and since I've got about 1000W of lighting, I might blow a circuit breaker if I add a  400W-800W fog machine.  Plus, the mister runs off pure water.   Too bad it didn't work...

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