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Hello users, I know this is a little off topic, but at the end of year 11 I have been asked to construct the lights, done!

I now want means of dispersing the lights across the room and was wondering if any one knows of a place to get a real dirt cheap fog machine. I know Maplin have one for 39.99 but for my age I really need some thing cheaper. Thank you all for readin.
Trevor Boultwood


can you get your hands on some dry ice?  XD



Complete guide to building a DIY cheap and nasty machine



This is the sort of thing Big Clive posts.
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I know Maplin have one for 39.99
That's GBP?

Here in the U.S. we can get them a little cheaper.  I usually see them for $40 - $50 USD.  Amazon.com has one for $30 USD.   Around Haloween, I think I've seen them for $20-$30, and on Haloween day, or the day after Haloween, they usually sell the Haloween left-overs for half-price.  I actually tried to buy a "left-over" one, last Haloween.  But, when I went to the store the day after Haloween, all of the Haloween merchandise had already been replaced by Christmas merchandise.

I've experimented with an Ultrasonic Mist Maker, but even with a medium-size mist maker, I didn't get enough fog.   I wanted to give it a try, because they are low power, and since I've got about 1000W of lighting, I might blow a circuit breaker if I add a  400W-800W fog machine.  Plus, the mister runs off pure water.   Too bad it didn't work...



Depends on how much they charge you for delivery, I suppose...

Take a look at this:

If the link doesn't work, open the main site and then search for smoke machines.

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