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Where I can find the code osv3.pde for reading the Oregon OS V3 sensors with an Aduino and RF 433Mhz receiver?



Google says:
No results found for "OSov3.pde".
No results found for "OSov3.ino".

What makes you think that a sketch of that name exists somewhere?
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Perhaps you are referring to the Weather  Station Receiver Shield and it's sketch from the book Practical Arduino?

If so, here is the link for the code: https://github.com/practicalarduino/WeatherStationReceiver


I half year ago I download the code osv3.pde, but I lost the program on my USB-stick.
The word in this site was: www.lostboy....
But I can't exactly remember the name of the site.
Now I search again this code on internet, but I didn't found the site.


The website you are looking for is lostbyte.net

Unfortunately the sketch for the OS V3 is not longer availabe  =(

See this thread:

You may ask the user to publish his sketch again. I already contacted him weeks ago but never got an answer.

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