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I want to controll a small robot, it so simple that a remotecontolled veihicle would describe it better...

I got a couple of Arduino Nano's a couple of cheap bluetooth's a bluetooth joystick and a handfull of 2.4GHz trancievers and a small nokia display.

I want to make a controller, gutting a playstation or xbox controller and use my own arduinos. and I want to make my rechiver to have 4 analog outputs, at least 8 digital outputs. and I want to be able to read some sensors (voltage and motor temp) on my custom controller. If I wanted to make it easy for myself, I would just buy a RC system with telemetry, thats to booring! I know there is a good library to make use of a ps3 controller, but there is no way to read my sensors... And I do want to make it 2.4GHz and not bluetooth, but a android controlled vehicle would be fun even if I cant develop software for androids.

Problem is, where to start? I can't seem to find a proper place to start this project? This is a quite ambitious project for me, I have not programmed a lot of arduinos except the usual tutorials. It's hard to do some of the tutorials when I got the (nonbrand)Nano where the pinouts is not alway the same as the one in the tutorial.

Please help a beginner!

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You should divide the project into several parts.
Motor control would be a good place to start (you need motor drivers), and send commands to the nano from the serial monitor.
Next step could be hooking up the wireless and then get the serial working, after that you set up the second nano to send the serial commands through the wireless.


First step. The controller:
For the remote I'm just found the playstation 2 controller lib, and just add the display to the top of the controller at a later time. Hacking a ps2 controller could be a easy way to get a controller working? Need to get me a ps2 controller to hack, Gamestop next! There is also some other libraries I could use, someone got a good one to recomend?

Second step. The wireless:
I found some examples for the nrf24l01, so I need to see if I can get some of these to work.

Third step. The motordriver, servos and digital outputs:
That should be the easy part in this project? I was thinking to do the motor control the easy way, and use a cheap rc esc, but a motor driver could be just as easy?!

Fourth step. Display and telemetry:
How can I measure the voltage of a 7,4V lipo battery and display this value on a display? I can't seem to figure how to connect this to the analogue input? Just make a simple voltage divider, is that exact enough? I want to measure the batteries to prevent damage to the battery (lipo alarm)

Next few steps. Trying to get all steps to work together.

Does this look like a good plan? if I have forgot something or if there is a better way to do something please let me know!

This should be a easy task for a noob? I have programmed a lot of diffrent things and I know a few programming languages, I have never tried C or any derivates of C.... I have a more than basic knowledge of electronics (i used to be a electronics repair dude once), and I know a thing or two of computers. Arduino noob...

Wish me luck! (and please advise if you can!)
Typoes will find my posts. Disregard them!

If it can't be modified, then what's the point?

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