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Have you ever had the feeling that you're starting to get lost in Arduino IDE as your projects grow in size?
Are you a fan of advanced and more convenient IDEs?
Do you want to include pure C/C++ or assembler in your Arduino boards or Arduino projects for personal convenience or performance issues?
Or maybe you're just curious and like to consider alternatives.

Whichever the case, we developed a step-by-step tutorial that will guide you and show you how to use Arduino boards (Part 1) and Arduino language (Part 2) with the new Atmel Studio 6!

Part 1: http://www.jayconsystems.com/tutorial_detail.php?tid=7
Part 2: http://www.jayconsystems.com/tutorial_detail.php?tid=8
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Are you a fan of advanced and more convenient IDEs?

Nah, I'm a fan of primitive and more convenient IDEs: I finally resorted to replacing the entire AVR toolchain with shell scripts that logged the arguments and invoked the original tool so I could turn the log into a makefile :-).


Thanks for that, I'll give it a try as I like the new AVS6 although I've been pretty happy just using makefiles as well.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Hey Calghorn, do you have a tutorial or something to show how to do this? Would love to see this method since I have never tired it.

Your welcome Graynomad! Hope you like it!

Jaycon Systems LLC
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Hey Calghorn, do you have a tutorial or something to show how to do this?

I have a directory named /zooty/arduino/dummy and I put it at the front of $PATH. In that directory I have symlinks with the names of all the AVR tools (avr-c++, etc) to this script:

Code: [Select]

myname=`basename $0`
myfile=`date '+%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M-%S-%N'`
echo dummy $myname invoked `date` >> /zooty/arduino/dummy/$myfile.out
echo arguments are: >> /zooty/arduino/dummy/$myfile.out
for i in "$@"
   echo '>>'$i'<<' >> /zooty/arduino/dummy/$myfile.out
exec /usr/bin/$myname "$@"

I then run the IDE from a terminal where I set $PATH as above and when I build a sketch, I see exactly what arguments the IDE invoked all the tools with in the log files that are generated in the same /zooty/arduino/dummy directory.


We have been working on another approach to this using a free tool called MegunoLink. Check it out here if your interested megunolink.com. It also has built in tools for serial monitoring and logging to a textfile. As well as tools for plotting data in real time.

I have created an installation script to install Arduino libraries and project templates in Atmel Studio 6. The installation is a zip file with an install.bat script.  After the installation is completed developers enjoy the following functionality;

1- Arduino sketch project template to do File\New\Project\Arduino Sketch
2 - Arduino library project template
3 - One click deployment using avrdude
4 - Access to all Arduino libraries distributed with the IDE as binaries.
5 - A solution with projects for all Arduino libraries to re-deploy as needed.

For a full tutorial of how to configure the installation script for your environment read this post at my blog.


This installation script should be of help to developers transitioning out of the Arduino IDE.

Does a calculus program made under atmel studio will run faster than a program made under arduino IDE?

for instance, if generating a list of some prime numbers took 2 minutes when programmed with arduino IDE , will it take much less if the same (or equivalent) program is burned into the atmel chip after programming it in atmel studio?

I am interested in execution speed thank you!


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