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WilliamK Govinda

I know this is possible, as I've seen some MIDI Merger devices that does this: how to get some sort of power from a MIDI cable.



Lets say I want to make a small midi box that has an ATmega8 chip inside, Midi Input and Midi Output. But I want to power the ATmega8 from the Midi cable itself.

How would I approach this? ;-)

Thanks, Wk


since in the standard MIDI-cables only 3 of the 5 pins ar used
you could use the other 2 as a GRND and VCC
however this might effect your MIDIsignal and for this to work your device at the other end must be connected this way to feed your MIDI device

an other tecnique used for microphones is working with so called "phantom power"
however i really doubt if you get that to work

i hope this helps you

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