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That's the trouble, your average chinese windows mobile device doesn't come with a very comprehensive manual telling you about this stuff so I'm just guessing really and trying to solve by trial and error. Typically the hidden serial ports in these devices is used to plug in TMC devices.

Xon/Xoff isn't common in modern devices is it? I was wondering if there's a stop and start bit needed in the serial comms though?


Xon/off is far commoner than hardware handshaking, and you start and stop bits are added automatically by the USART in the AVR.
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Hi Kaj

Final glide, total energy compensated vario and driving an analog vario - you got a cool project there  8) Please remember to document it all and write a nice presentation  :) I guess a lot of people could be interested in "upgrading" old instruments to better performance.

Last week I tried a Duo Discus with a LX9000. It was really nice to see which part of the circle I was gaining and loosing.

I'm not sure it's worth to recalculation the load factor and change in polar based on a G sensor. It's a rather short time that you pull the high G ... exept for the wind launch of corse.

Good luck getting the two devices to talk to each other.


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