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Hi guys,

I need some input to if the following the possible with arduino, how else it could be done.

8 camera modules, positioned every 45 degrees
Each of these cameras will be taking 1080p 30fps video.
Im almost sure this cant be run off a single arduino board, so is there a way to network separate boards together?


Since there is no way for an Arduino to handle video, in what manner do you wish to "run" the cameras?


What role do you expect the Arduino to play?  An Arduino is too slow and memory limited to deal with any video except NTSC/PAL monochrome at a whopping resolution of 128x96, and you want it to deal with 1080p (usually 1920×1080) in full color?  One frame from 1920x1080x3 is 6 megabytes.  The Due clocks in at 96 kilobytes, so there is no way to provide any buffering.  Get 8 video cameras that can talk to the network directly, you might be able to rig something up so the Arduino can start/stop the cameras, and if needed provide servos to pan the cameras appropriately.

Some people do use the Arduino to take still images, and in using the Arduino to read from the camera as fast as it can, and then save the data to a SD card without having to have the whole image in memory, and it is claimed that they can do 1 frame per second.

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