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Author Topic: HSU-07P humidity sensor  (Read 88 times)
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Hi all.

I need help connecting a HSU-07P humidity sensor to my Arduino UNO.

This sensor is taken out from a laser printer, couldn't find its exact datasheet, but found this which seems to be similar:

I've connected the sensor to my Arduino like this:
GND <----------->GND (pin 3)
5V<----------->VCC (pin 1)
I've also connected a 47uF capacitor in parallel with an 100kohm resistor, from sensor Output to GND (as they advise in the datasheet)

The problem is that, when powered up, the Output from the sensor goes down to 0 volts.

I've tested the sensor disconnected from the Arduino, and using a different 5V power supply, and on output I have around 2V (and changing if, for example, I blow air close to the sensor). So it seems to work according to spec.

I have no idea what to do next smiley-sad

Any help?

Sitting in the garage.
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I would power the sensor separately from the Arduino, forget the capacitor and resistor, set a common ground, and analogRead() to see what I got.

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