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Nov 14, 2014, 09:55 pm Last Edit: Nov 14, 2014, 09:58 pm by roxdragon
Hi guys i have purchased Arduino Mega 2560.
I had arduino duemilanove with this sheild ethernet
- http://www.smallshire.org.uk/sufficientlysmall/wp-content/uploads/Arduino-Ethernet-Shield-06-Upper.jpg
and - http://www.smallshire.org.uk/sufficientlysmall/wp-content/uploads/Arduino-Ethernet-Shield-06-Lower.jpg

I have used iRLib for switch on my AC or TV. (with Arduino duemilanove)
Now, if i connect the ethernet sheild, it work on pin9 but my AC doesnt switch on...
I have see with a camera the led, and it send the code slow / delayed...
but with arduino duemilanove it work very fine!
Why??? is the timer? i don't know...

Code: [Select]
static const uint16_t OFF[] PROGMEM = {4492,4432,592,1608,588,508,596,1604,588,1608,596,504,588,512,592,1604,600,500,592,508,596,1600,592,508,596,504,596,1600,596,1604,588,512,592,1604,592,508,592,1604,592,1608,596,1600,596,1604,588,508,596,1604,588,1608,596,1604,592,508,592,508,596,500,592,508,596,1600,592,508,596,504,596,1600,596,1604,592,1604,600,500,592,508,592,508,596,500,592,508,592,508,596,504,588,508,596,1604,588,1608,596,1604,592,1608,596,1600,596,5264,4524,4424,592,1608,596,504,588,1608,596,1604,592,504,596,504,600,1600,592,508,596,500,592,1608,596,500,592,508,596,1604,588,1608,596,504,588,1608,600,500,592,1608,596,1600,592,1608,588,1608,596,504,588,1608,596,1604,592,1608,596,500,592,508,596,504,596,500,592,1608,596,504,588,508,596,1604,592,1604,600,1600,592,508,596,500,592,508,592,508,596,504,588,508,596,504,596,504,588,1608,596,1604,592,1604,592,1608,596,1600,592,1000}; //

void ReadFlash(const uint16_t *x , byte len){
  unsigned int buffer[256];
  for (byte i=0; i < len; i++) {
    buffer[i] = pgm_read_word( x+i );
  My_Sender.IRsendRaw::send(buffer, len, 38);

On arduino duemilanove is... OK! but with mega and ethernet sheild doesn't work.
If I remove the ethernet sheild and insert the led on pin 9 of arduino mega, it WORK.

"Doesn't work ONLY with ethernet sheild attached"

Sorry for my english... only you can help me... Thank you!


Nov 18, 2014, 01:50 pm Last Edit: Nov 18, 2014, 02:11 pm by roxdragon
nobody knows anything ?
See the comments.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9071837/

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