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Hello everyone,
I am working on a project for my football team, I am building a devices which records data like Heart Rate, Acceleration and Position of my team mates in the ground and plotting that data over my computer..

Right now i am using SD Cards to log data of each an every player and later on uploading it into my software - I think this method is very poor and requires much manpower..

I am looking for something which can wirelessly sent data over to my computer of 10 players with all metrics and i can watch data in Real time.

How do i do that using Arduino, Any suggestion is appreciated..

Thank you


Google "arduino radio data transmission" or similar for lots of tutorials.


It might be better (and easier) to flip the idea on its head and have one master transmitter connected to the PC and 10x transceivers on the players that send data back to TX when requested by the master.
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Thank you for the reply..
Which Module do i have to use for this purpose.? How about NRF24L01.? does it provide enough range for a football ground..?
Thank you


Apr 16, 2017, 05:31 pm Last Edit: Apr 16, 2017, 05:38 pm by jremington
does it provide enough range for a football ground..?
If you mean 100 meters, no. There are NRF24L01 breakout boards with power amplifiers (PA versions) that claim 1000 m range. Google for more info.

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