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Hello everybody,

first of all forgive my very approximative and poor english : I tried to found help on the french version of the forum but it was not clearly a sucess.

I am working on a project of geolocalisation with an Arduino UNO R3 (actually I have a Elegoo Uno R3) card : I would like to be able to display latitude and longitude in the monitor. To do so I first bought the gps grove v1.2 gps module and used it with the TinyGPS library. Here some information about this gps module :


With the example given by the library I never succeeded to have gps coordinates because the function encode() of TinyGPS was always returning false. Then I tried to display in the monitor the NMEA sentences coming from the module and I noticed there were all wrong (I knew it because of the 'V' in the $GPRMC one). I searched how to fix this problem but the main solution I found was to go outside. I wait almost 30 minutes but the sentences were still wrong so I started thinking that the gps module was broken.

Then I bought the gps module NEO6MV2 and I have the same problem... So my problem isn't the code I think. Why my gps module don't return correct NMEA sentences ?  In fact why they can't connect to a satellite ? Here my latest gps module :



You need to be outside, with a clear view of the sky for most GPS modules to function. And brand new modules can require as much as 45 minutes to obtain a "factory reset, cold start fix" under some circumstances. I once had to wait over one hour, but after that the "hot start" fix was obtained quickly.

Run a simple program on your Arduino that just echoes the GPS output to a laptop, either running the Arduino serial monitor or a terminal program like Putty, and observe the progress. The $GPGSV NMEA sentence will tell you how many satellites are visible, even if there is no fix. Be patient.

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