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I´m new to programming in C, sorry for the bad and messy code.

I´m trying to move a square in a 32X16 LED matrix. The problem is that I can just move the square 1 pixel and then it will return to its original position.
What I want to achieve is moving the square in a direction "x" ,"y" and stay in that coordinate until I move again the thumbjoystick.

Here is the code:
Code: [Select]

#include <HT1632.h>
#include <images.h>

int mapY(int y);
int joystickY(int jy), joystickX(int jx);
int jx, mapeoX, x, jy, mapeoY, y;
int posY, posX;

void setup() {

void loop() {

    HT1632.drawImage(IMG_cuadro4X4, IMG_cuadro4X4_WIDTH,  IMG_cuadro4X4_HEIGHT, joystickX(jx), joystickY(jy));

int mapY(int y){
  return mapeoY;

int mapX(int x){
  return mapeoX;
int joystickY(int jy){
  int i;
  int posY=1;
  if(mapY(y)>=8 && mapY(y)<17){
      return posY;
        if (mapY(y)<=6 && mapY(y)>0){
          return posY;

int joystickX(int jx){
  int i;
  int posX=0;
  if(mapX(x)>=15 && mapX(x)<17){
      return posX;
        if (mapX(x)<=14 && mapX(x)>0){
          return posX;


Any ideas ?


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