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where do you live in the valley (N PHX?). I live in S. PHX.

On the border between Glendale and Phoenix, near Cactus (literally on the border; it's more or less in my backyard, and makes getting city services a "fun experience"). Suffice it to say, it would be a good long drive from my house to HSL, but having access to a laser cutter would be very tempting (I have just about everything else I need in my shop). I did look again to see how far they are from my current employer, and it's not too bad; about 15 miles away S/SE; just gotta hop on the 101 for a bit. So, once I get done with the time sink that is my "Udacity 373 Self-Driving Car class", I'll probably try to make it out there one day after work.

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Hi I live in N Phoenix area.
Just starting with Audrino. I'm interested and joining somebody and learning.
Let me know if we can plan for a meet up or something.



So any luck on a local user group? I am in Scottsdale, and am starting out. I could really use a hand.

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