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Has anyone built one of these? I mean actually built one and not bought the kit. I am starting to venture into charlieplexing after I built the direct drive model. I hate to buy the LoL shield if I can just make it as I already have a mass amount of LEDs. Or if there is a tutorial for making a charlieplexed matrix with Arduino code?


Judging by the lack of responses, I take it this is not feasible? Would it be easier to just buy the LoL shield? Or if anyone has any LED matrix tutorials for charlieplexing, that would work too.


I bought the kit.  if you are going to make a rectangular/square martix kinda proejct, you can't beat it.

i also made my own 72 led Charlieplex network in a linear format.  think a string of 72 white LED, individually controllable.

Unable to find any documentation on how to wire up a charlieplex network in a linear format, everyone had diagrams for squares/rectangles, so I had to devise my own diagram.  I posted it: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,99338.msg744912.html#msg744912
The first 16 LEDs are "stacked" to make the diagram shorter. 

ALSO, This doesn;t follow the simpler array pattern  (1,2/2,1;1,3/3,1;1,4/4,1etc)  This diagram's array would be 1,2/2,3/3,4/4,5/5,6...up to 1/3,2/4,3/5,etc.  my bad.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for replying. However I am looking for a square/rectangle diagram. Kind of like the LoL shield is.  :)


However I am looking for a square/rectangle diagram. Kind of like the LoL shield is. 

The diagram is the same no matter what the physical layout of the LEDs?


Thanks. I was looking for an arduino code/project/tutorial like on instructables or hack a day. :)


like on instructables or hack a day.

No you would be much better off looking for one that actually works and does not destroy components and is written by some one above the cretin level.


That Criteria, Mike, Leaves out a LOT of US.... After nearly 50 years I Still "Toss one" once in a while... IMO

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I don't understand what that means. Is it some sort of sarcasm?


Is it some sort of sarcasm?

Yes if you haven't noticed instructables are very often rubbish and full of mistakes. Try and avoid them if you are looking to learn anything.

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