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hi people, i am currently copying this project and currently following it to a T.

i am having some problems and believe it could be with the code. was wondering if someone wouldnt mind taking a look and feeding back some input if possible.

i have broken the sections to make it easier to navigate.

http://practicalusage.com/?p=121    (part 1)

http://practicalusage.com/?p=174    (part 2)

http://practicalusage.com/?p=196    (part 3)

http://practicalusage.com/?p=215    (part 4)

http://practicalusage.com/?p=223    (part 5)

http://practicalusage.com/?p=296    (part 6)

http://practicalusage.com/?p=319    (part 7)

each section is small just stupid its broken over a few sections.

like i said any help would deficatey be of a help.




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