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Hello! One quick question about the Arduino Support Package of MATLAB[http://www.mathworks.co.jp/matlabcentral/fileexchange/32374]. Does this only support Arduino Uno, Mega and Duemilanove? I need serial communication with my Arduino and MATLAB for my project, and my board is Arduino Gizduino. Is this possible?

TONS OF THANKS in advance and any quick response to this thread would give SIGNIFICANT improvement to my project. THANKS!


Any processor that supports Serial communication can be connected to MATLAB as the serial receiver cannot have any clue where the data is coming from ;)

Don't know if the support package poses some restictions, e.g. I expect you need a parser on the Arduino to understand the commands send by MATLAB. That parser should fit into memory.

On this forum there are several MATLAB threads about serial communication so there are more solutions than this package..

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you can get information regarding interfacing arduino(gizduino) and matlab in the following link

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