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I have one xbee Serie 2 to connect in one arduino pro mini 5v, for this i have one Breakout Board for XBee Module:

My problem is the 5V, i know the xbee only accept 3.3V, can i use a voltage regulator between 5v in arduino to vcc in my xbee?can i have problems with RX/TX Pins?



I know i can use a Voltage Regulator - 3.3V to power the xbee, what i donĀ“t know is if i can use normaly the pin comunucation RX/TX directly?


You can use a voltage divider (or a pair of diodes in series) to reduce the 5V TX to 3.3V.

The 3.3V RX is more than 60% of the 5V power level, so that is enough to allow the RX pin on the Arduino to distinguish HIGH/LOW in the signal, so receiving shouldn't be a problem.
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