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Topic: Charlieplexing ( LoL Shield library) and DS3231 RTC (Chronodot) CONFLICT HELP! (Read 2 times) previous topic - next topic

Tom Carpenter

Line 328 of the Charlieplexing.cpp file...

Someone nicely added:

Code: [Select]

Remove this line and all is well. Actually the code was running happily on, its just that Serial communications were turned off and so none of the other Serial.print()'s sent anything.

(Here's a quick debugging tip. I found that by slowly moving a pair of Serial.print("hi"); Serial.print("bye"); statements through the Charlieplexing.cpp with the bye working up from the end, and hi down from the start. That way, you can work out where the bye starts printing and you have found where the issue lies.)


Serial.end()  ?!?

wow...  I never would have even thought to look for that.

Gonna check it out right now.   

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