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i will make some photo's with daylight and move all devices together so it is clear.

btw, i tryed using two 220 ohm resistors parralel but it didnt change anything. it would cause 110 Ohms if i am right wich is a nice resistance.

edit; the multimeter is dead.. i am already looking for another one.
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the other day I found a short black jumper... That was open circuit??? I swear and both fuses in my Fluke 179 are Good... about $20.00 for both fuses

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massive breakthrough:
i bough new fuses and replaced the old fuses in my multimeter, i started some tests and i noticed that there was no flow at all.
to be sure i hooked up a 220 ohm resistor and a led, to the power lines on the breadboard. when i powered the circuit from arduino it didnt do anything, no led was going on.

now when i changed the power jumper wires from the arduino to the breadboard ... led led went onn! now that is exciting :P
anyway i took a closer look at the jumper wires and noticed that one of the pins on the black jumper has broken off and was not connected in the inside rubber end.

now i hooked up the backlight circuit of the lcd and powered arduino: lcd backlight works just fine!
so you guys were correct from the beginning: my connections failed!

anyway ill let you know when i got the lcd working and i will never doubt anybody's opinion here ever! :3
thanks alot for all efford, and sorry for being a bit frustrated..

humankind cannot obtain anything without
sacrificing something of equal value in return.

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