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I've spent most of my day googling, testing, reading forums, etc..  So now I turn my question to the public. 

I've got a 2560 that i'm using to build a MIDI Sequencer.  Things have been going well until i got my circuit fully off my breadboard.   
currently, it refuses to program whilst in the circuit.    NO, ITS NOT THAT TX/RX 0 ARE IN USE!

I'm currently using the following pins:

A8-15 as digital
SDA/SCL send data to a group of 74HC595's..
49 - latch for another set of 595's
51/52 - Data for the 2nd set of 595s..   

My circuit is working great, and I'd been programming with my "shield" attached as I was prototyping.   I rearranged the pin configuration to the current setup which is when it stopped working..   Out of the circuit it works great - its just not very "rapid" having to constantly unplug and replug the shield.   

I've tried the reset thing..  no dice..

Initially, i thought it was because i was using 53 instead of 49 (apparently thats linked into SPI somehow)..



maaaaan..     i turned on verbose logging during build and upload and found the stk500 timeout..   

this wound up fixing it:

basically using AVR folder from 0023..   


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