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May 27, 2013, 10:57 pm Last Edit: May 27, 2013, 11:15 pm by Coding Badly Reason: 1
I have a problem with serial port of Arduino MEGA 2560 r3.
I am writing a program with Arduino to control a heater and boiler.
Inputs are a series of sensors and outputs are relay for control electrical-valves.
I have a buttons, LEDs and a display with 3 lines for the user.

The size of the project is 68kb. Arrived at a certain stage of development, I started to have problems.
The serial crashes without a reason, does not print anything.
Sometimes re-opening the serial monitor can solve, sometimes it freezes the Arduino completely.

Thinking it was a problem of program length, I have included only Serial.print and "harmless" code up to 135kb of total program without having problems.

I tried to remove and set the parameters pre-processor, without changes.

It appears, in particular, that it is this portion of code that cause problems:

Code: [Select]
#ifdef PRM
   if ((CaminoAcc) && (bitRead(StatoSrg,0) == 0))
      { Serial.print("Stato Sorgente ... =>"); Serial.print("Camino Acceso gr. "); Serial.println(Temp_Camino); bitSet
(StatoSrg,0); }
   if (CaminoAcc == false) bitClear(StatoSrg,0);
   if ((CaminoSpe) && (bitRead(StatoSrg,1) == 0))
       { Serial.print("Stato Sorgente ... =>"); Serial.print("Camino Spento gr. "); Serial.println(Temp_Camino); bitSet
(StatoSrg,1); }
   if (CaminoSpe == false) bitClear(StatoSrg,1);
   if ((CaminoInAcc) && (bitRead(StatoSrg,2) == 0))
       { Serial.print("Stato Sorgente ... =>"); Serial.print("Camino In Accens. gr. "); Serial.println(Temp_Camino);
bitSet(StatoSrg,2); }
   if (CaminoInAcc == false) bitClear(StatoSrg,2);
   if ((CaminoInSpe) && (bitRead(StatoSrg,3) == 0))
       { Serial.print("Stato Sorgente ... =>"); Serial.print("Camino In Spegnim. gr. "); Serial.println(Temp_Camino);
bitSet(StatoSrg,3); }
   if (CaminoInSpe == false) bitClear(StatoSrg,3);
   if ((StufaAcc) && (bitRead(StatoSrg,4) == 0))
       { Serial.print("Stato Sorgente ... =>"); Serial.print("Stufa Accesa gr. "); Serial.println(Temp_Stufa); bitSet
(StatoSrg,4); }
   if (StufaAcc == false) bitClear(StatoSrg,4);
   if ((StufaSpe) && (bitRead(StatoSrg,5) == 0))
       { Serial.print("Stato Sorgente ... =>"); Serial.print("Stufa Spenta  gr. "); Serial.println(Temp_Stufa); bitSet
(StatoSrg,5); }
   if (StufaSpe == false) bitClear(StatoSrg,5);
   if ((StufaInAcc) && (bitRead(StatoSrg,6) == 0))
       { Serial.print("Stato Sorgente ... =>"); Serial.print("Stufa In Accens.  gr. "); Serial.println(Temp_Stufa);
bitSet(StatoSrg,6); }
   if (StufaInAcc == false) bitClear(StatoSrg,6);
   if ((StufaInSpe) && (bitRead(StatoSrg,7) == 0))
       { Serial.print("Stato Sorgente ... =>"); Serial.print("Stufa In Spegnim.  gr. "); Serial.println(Temp_Stufa);
bitSet(StatoSrg,7); }
   if (StufaInSpe == false) bitClear(StatoSrg,7);
   if ((CaminoInAcc || CaminoInSpe)) { Serial.print("Temperatura Camino ..... "); Serial.println(Temp_Camino); }
   if ((StufaInAcc || StufaInSpe)) { Serial.print("Temperatura Stufa ..... "); Serial.println(Temp_Stufa); }

Thanks to those who can help me!

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Coding Badly

Add a call to the F-macro for all of your print calls.  In other words, change this...

[font=Courier New]  Serial.print("Stato Sorgente ... =>");[/font]

...to this...

[font=Courier New]  Serial.print( F( "Stato Sorgente ... =>" ) );[/font]

...and repeat for all of the calls to Serial.print with a string constant.


thank you so much for the answer!
I think you've solved the problem.. thanks!

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